Nos activités


A unique diving experience

Explore and discover the natural fish reserve in Case-Pilote.

A moment of relaxation

Boat trip to the Baignoire de Joséphine in Le François.

Knowing the history

In the middle of the renovated remains of a house from 1643.

Zoo of Martinique

Discover endemic species of the Caribbean in addition to species from elsewhere.

Turtles & Dolphins

Discover a lush marine life.

Balata Garden

A space of biodiversity 3000 species of tropical plants.

Caravelle Walk in Trinité

Formed more than 10 million years ago, the Presqu'ile de la Caravelle is, with that of Sainte-Anne, the oldest part of Martinique.

Vetiver Beach in Case-Pilote

Take a taste of the black sandy beaches of North Martinique accompanied by their rich seabed.

The Pelee Mountain in Saint-Pierre

Go on an exceptional hike on the Grande Dame du Nord, the only volcano on the island.